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Abundance mindset

Abundance is a mindset and a state of being that helps to create a positive and fulfilling life experience. When the focus is on abundance, you have the mindset of there is more than enough to go around. The opposite however, is the state of lack that suggests there isn’t enough.

Although it makes more sense that people would prefer to be in a state of abundance it seems as though it is a lot harder to attain and overwhelmingly easier to be a person of lack. The difference is that it takes conscious effort to bring about abundance and the majority of the reasons that contribute towards experiencing lack is unconscious.

Conscious meaning; being aware of your thoughts and actions AND unconscious meaning; being unaware of your thoughts and actions. Taking stock of your mind gives you an insight to the mindset that you have. If you think negatively it doesn’t match with living a life of abundance, so replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts is where you begin.

Here are some tips that have helped me:

  1. Practice gratitude: take time every day as often as you can to appreciate the abundance that already exists in your life. Acknowledge what brings you joy from the small reasons to the bigger ones. If you find yourself thinking of lack, bring yourself back with gratitude.

  2. Refuse scarcity thinking: negative self-talk and giving too much energy to limiting beliefs holds you back. The universe however is abundant and there is more than enough for everyone, trust it.

  3. Focus on abundance: Visualise and picture yourself living an abundant lifestyle. Focus on the feeling of abundance in as many moments as possible.

  4. Take inspired action: Do things because you’re inspired to do them as it aligns with abundance instead of from a place of scarcity that lines up with lack. The universe always provides.

The version of myself that is scarce and the version of myself that is abundant can go through the exact same circumstances but experience it completely differently. The same problems, the same struggles but a change in perspective and approach is the difference. This recent shift has made it more obvious that our internal world reflects our outer world and it starts with the mind.

Abundance is a mindset and a feeling state - the more consistent you are with maintaining an abundant state the more aligned you are to welcoming more and more abundance.

I will finish this newsletter with a saying from Jim Rohn that goes “stand guard the door of your mind”, which speaks to whatever you focus on consistently you will experience as real. So be clear on your path and be unwavering in your quest toward fulfillment.

Big Bless,


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