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The small things

Growth is not only recognised in the big life changing experiences but rather created in the tiny daily moments. Big moments are the tip of the iceberg but it is the series of small moments that are submerged under the water that makes it all possible. Just as the iceberg is visible so are people’s highlights which conditions everyone to think that it happens overnight, which is certainly not the case.

The small things are speaking to what is within your control. The thoughts you have, the language you use, the time you wake up, the meals you eat, the books you read, the housework that needs to be done, the content you consume and the tasks you fill your day with. It’s doing what is within your capacity and what matters - which by the way is different for everyone.

Accept where you are but be inspired for change

  • Focus on what is within your control

  • Exercise gratitude daily

  • Celebrate small wins

Change starts when you make a decisive decision.

I heard a quote on Instagram Reels by Sal Di Stefano that says “The man who loves walking will walk further than the man who loves the destination”.

Fall in love with walking rather than the destination. This is the mindset. Dreaming about the destination puts you into a space where you think about where you are with disappointment. But pouring energy into walking is about simply placing one foot in front of the other. Do what you can with each step and after time you will arrive.

That’s what I am currently doing now. My days are filled with many small moments all of which I absolutely enjoy because everything is contributing towards something greater. I’m clear on the destination and it inspires the action I take each day. It gives me confidence to know that what I am doing aligns with the direction I am walking in.

You become a confident person when you do what you said you’re going to do.

  • It builds trust in your word

  • It creates forward momentum

  • It initiates action

When your paths clear your focus shifts - there are less distractions and your time is more productive.

Move away from instant gratification and make your moves in silence. Step away from a lack mindset and step into an abundance mindset. Drop away from procrastination and jump into taking aligned action. Just as the majority of the iceberg is submerged under water most of what you do will be unnoticed but over time everything will come together and surface in a single moment.

That’s why walking is important because you can’t control when you get there but with every step you become prepared for when you do.

So here’s something that is within my control which is to give you an invitation into my online course Te Ara Hou here.

Big bless,


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