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Health is wealth

“A healthy man wants a thousand things, a sick man only wants one” - Confucius

I first heard this from Naval Ravikant when he said it on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast and it was a light bulb moment. When you are healthy you feel like you can do everything but when you are sick all you can think about is the desire to be well.

This highlights the importance of health and well-being and how it would be wise to make it a strong pillar for yourself. Introducing healthy habits in your daily routine will not contribute positively to your life in the short term but your actions will be felt much more in the long term. Your health determines the quality of your life.

Working out is a physical, mental and spiritual practice

  • It makes you a confident person

  • It gives you energy

  • It reveals what you’re capable of

Your body is designed to move - honor it.

Think about it when you're young you have energy to burn, your body recovers quickly, your immune system is efficient and you’re able to learn things quickly. But when you start to get older these things start to slow down, energy isn’t readily available, you’re prone to injuries and then illnesses begin to knock on the door if they haven’t already.

Some of these things are going to happen regardless but people would rather wait until something happens to do something about it rather than taking the steps to prevent it all together. What you do today will matter tomorrow.

My actions today will compound tomorrow

  • It is an investment into myself

  • It is a commitment to my well being

  • It becomes a lifestyle

Begin to make decisions that your future self will thank you for.

I am no expert and I sure have areas that I know I can do better but these are the thoughts that will support me on my journey towards better health. Not only will I be better for it but I certainly know my son will be appreciative of it.

Consciously choose health my friends and pave your own path of how it may look for you. There is no one shoe fits all, try many different approaches until something sticks. For me variety has kept things exciting and it allows my body to adapt and rest. I do CrossFit, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, bodybuilding, swimming, mobility and nature walks all in the same week and I absolutely love it.

Having fun compliments consistency

  • It is something you look forward to not dread

  • It makes things easier

  • It helps you stay in your lane

Everyone would like to be healthy but those who think about the pain rather than the pleasure will continue to struggle - mindset.

Getting healthy is hard and being unhealthy is hard but one comes with rewards later and the other gets harder as time goes on. As the saying goes “choose your hard”.

Value your health, create a why and start small. You got this!

If you want to receive support we have a health component in my online course Te Ara Hou here.

Big bless,


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